min 4 - max 16

up to 9 hours

99 €/person

min 12 years


  • When: 8:00AM every day (we can be flexible, so ask!)
  • Ideal time: spring or autumn – July and August are usually too hot
  • Price:  750,00 kn (99 euro)per person
  • Duration: 6 / 9 hours
  • Price includes: English speaking guide, boat transfer
  • Min: 4
  • Max: 16
  • What to bring: good hiking shoes or preferably boots, long pants, hat/sun protection, breathable underwear, breathable t-shirts or long sleeve shirts, lightweight breathable rain/wind proof jacket, snacks (food) for day, 3 – 4 liters of water per person, first aid kit (recommendable), walking poles (optional), camera with zoom
  • Tour type: walking, hiking, youth and family, nature & wildlife, cultural, agriculture
  • Terrain: the trail varies from light to moderate sections of ascent and descent
  • Activity level: Moderate to hard/ demanding
  • Disabilities friendly: No
  • Kid friendly: Yes – but please let us know in advance.


  • Beautiful climb to Saint Ilija
  • Amazing views to Pelješac, Korčula and other islands
  • Hiking through bare rocks and black pine woods
  • Finding out about mountain flora
  • Possibility of spotting wild life
  • Breathing at lungs full capacity

Pelješac is a 75 km long peninsula that apart from the miraculous walls of Ston and its saltworks, oysters, scattered villages, fields, famous vineyards and recently more and more renown winemakers and their products has many other (hidden) gems of nature. Just exploring its „wine side“ takes amounts of time but is as rewarding as seeing its final stretch with Orebić, Viganj, Lovište and the stunning mountain of Saint Ilija rising like a silent guardian watching above them and Korčula just across the narrow channel.


Saint Ilija also known as Mons vipera (Viper’s mountain) or Perun’s mountain (its peak was a cult place of a pre-Christian ancient Slavic god Perun) is 961 m above the sea level and can be accessed from few different directions, but the most attractive conventional one starts and ends in Orebić. To get there we catch a ferry or a boat ride from Korčula, complete our provisions for the day, optionally, as an excuse to discuss the ascent ahead, we have a cup of coffee and go.

The trail is in good condition and the route is circular, taking us up one way and down on the other side. To reach the top is about 3 – 4 hours and coming down also takes about 2 and a half to 3 hours, so in total it amounts to 6 – 9 hours (always dependable on the shape of participants and weather conditions though).

The way up is the steeper part of the hike and the more you are entering the inner world of the mountain the more it’s showing its other face – high planes, green and fertile, with fields of sage, myrte, black pines, as opposed to a sight from below when you see mostly just bare rock. If lucky enough, it is possible to see mountain goats, wild horses, birds of prey. The top opens other vistas, especially on a clear day, to the ridge of Pelješac, the mainland with its mountains and the islands spread in the Adriatic.

Descending takes us through various landscapes too, from beautiful woods to the panoramic south side and views to the channel and the island of Korčula right across. Further down the chapel of Lady of Karmen and its cypresses give us one more opportunity to stop for a moment and reflect on all the wonderful things and places we’ve met along the way. Or just stare somewhere into the distant horizon…
Upon coming down to Orebić free time till the ferry/ride across the channel back to Korčula.

Note: Itinerary depends on weather conditions, time of season – daylight hours, group size and fitness level